What People are Saying About Sondra Celli Designs

“Sondra, thank you for my custom Celli and for sharing your creative gifts with me.” - Nan, client

“You’re the seamstress of the Princesses.”- Ana, 5 yrs. old, fan

“Thank you so much for the honor of wearing one of your designs to my son’s wedding…Your talent is amazing.” - Linda, client

“I’m having a grandchild in July. I so hope it’s a girl so I can order your dresses for her.” - Sheri, fan

“My dress was a huge hit! I honestly felt like a movie star!!! - Erica, client

“I think your wedding dresses are awesome…I want one when my wedding comes.” - Jenna, 11yr. old, fan

“…seeing your dresses on TV they are beautiful but seeing them in person they are drop dead gorgeous…just stunning!” - Bree, 15 yrs. old, fan

“Your show has actually done wonders for my alteration shop. I have had two dresses in this week for some extra bling.”- Brenda, fan

“Bling + You + Your Team = Magic!” -Kelli, fan

“My 7 year old girl said she wants to be Sondra Celli when she grows up!” -Sabrina, fan

“My jacket is gorgeous!!!!!!!...I can't wait to wear it at my daughter's wedding!..I can't thank you enough for a simply beautiful, elegant jacket.” -Liz, client

"The white suit you blinged for me was absolutely unbelievable. When I wore it on our cruise, every head on the ship turned and looked at me. A few guests asked me if I somebody famous." –Patti, client

"Sondra! I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!!! …. you are every girl’s fairy glitter godmother. Your talent is AMAZING. Your vision extraordinary." -Maria, fan

"I received my new suit today and OMG.....it is beautiful! You and your staff totally exceeded anything that I could have hoped for…Thank you so very much and I cannot wait to work with you again. " -Nicole, client

“The gown is EXQUISITE and is the most beautiful one I’ve ever owned!” -Denise, client

“Sondra you rock, love ya!” - C.J., fan

“My 4 yr. old granddaughter & I just love your show. We recently started doing Pageants and when I go to decorate her dresses she says, “Time to bling it like Sondra”! - Mary, fan

“I found Sondra to be one of the coolest women I’ve ever met.” – Bridgette, radio host/blogger

“Your work is absolutely amazing! You are an extremely talented woman, and I hope you get the appreciation that you and all your co-workers deserve. I would absolutely LOVE to have a dress made by you, if it was within my budget. Your uniqueness shines just as bright as those crystals! -Heather, fan

“You are such an inspiration and I admire the incredible pieces you produce.” - Stephanie, fan