Behind the Scenes


Sondra CelliSondra likes to start the day early. You can usually find her at her desk by 6AM.

Sondra Celli Bling SandalsSondra likes to wear casual footwear when she works. No matter the season, her blinged out sandals are her shoe of choice!

One morning cup of coffee and her day officially begins.






Crystals & cheesecake! Sondra loves to cook. She’ll often bake a homemade cheesecake and bring it to work to serve to clients.

Of course the cheesecake comes wrapped with bling!

Get Sondra’s Blueberry BLING Cheesecake Recipe Here!



Sondra Celli Designs

144 Moody Street, Building #24, Waltham, MA 02453

Phone: 781.647-0589